Welcome to MetaView! I appreciate you just have spent a second of your valuable attention span on reading this (which by the way is worth around 0.002$ in advertising terms). If you are able to gain even a slightly important insight from this newsletter, I would consider it a success!

Informed decision-making comes from a long tradition of guessing and then blaming others for inadequate results. - Scott Adams

Many years ago I realised that I have been constantly searching for more in life, exploring the unknown and constantly trying to grasp more knowledge on a variety of fascinating topics such as technology, mind, health, business, sustainability and much more. Over time I gathered a huge amount of resources and started sending some of the articles to my friends who were dealing with a specific set of problems. 

  • ​What is my next career step?

  • ​What kind of investments I should consider?

  • ​What kind of exercise should I do to improve my physical state?

  • ​How do I maintain sanity during peak times of overload in the 21st century?

  • Can I trust my biased mind?

  • What products can help me on my way of becoming better self?

  • And foremost, how do I make smarter decisions in a world of constant change?  

​These questions prompted me to create Meta View a bi-weekly digest for people in constant search for knowledge and who like to improve themselves and aspire to be the best self at every aspect of their life.

What can you expect?

Meta View is not yet another self-help resource. It is designed to rather challenge your current thoughts and opinions and make you resonate with the current state of the world. The topics covered in the newsletter are of a both opinionated and summary format of the best I can find over the “INTERWEBZ” from the elite thinkers that helped me along the way and I truly want to make sure folks are being heard by more people such as my readers.

Some of the topics you can expect:

  • Coolest things and ideas from the current state of the world

  • Business (entrepreneurship profiles, management, product, sales etc.)

  • Money (personal investments, asset classes, contrarian approaches)

  • Society (future, sustainability, human progression etc.)

  • Technology (web 2.0, blockchain, AI/ML, etc.)

  • Mind (psychological biases, meditation, mental models etc.)

  • Podcast (best of the best for the week from variety of authors)

  • Books (current reads which will blow your mind, classics and undiscovered gems)

  • Community (product launches, jobs, shout outs)

  • Random blurbs which are supposed to make you smarter

  • Contrarian insights on “proven” topics (did you know that dark chocolate is not really healthy for you?)

  • ❌ No “proven methods / silver bullets” how to become rich in 7 hours in 2 steps

About Kirill Sofronov

I am the sole editor of MetaView.

During the day I am working on all things emerging technology, and advising a few companies in the space of blockchain, enterprise software and advertising technology.

I devoted my life to never stop learning and previously worked at private equity firm focused on renewable energy investments, advertising tech start-up and founded a marketing agency in the past.

Based inSingapore 🇸🇬

You can find me on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Medium |


Kirill So
I am a growth product manager by day and indie tinkerer by night. Infinitely curious, always an explorer and aspiring to become a polymath.